Research Articles with Contributing Authorship

Richie et al, "Research on the health impact of climate must consider distributive justice and environmental sustainability" (2024), PLoS Climate (open access)

D. H. Shin, H. Kim, S. H. Kim, H. Cheong, P. G. Steeneken, C. Joo, S. W. Lee, "Graphene Nano-Electromechanical Mass Sensor with High Resolution at Room Temperature" (2023) iScience (pdf)

M. Seo, E. Yang, D. H. Shin, Y. Je, C. Joo, K. Lee, S. W. Lee, "Classifiable Limiting Mass Change Detection in a Graphene Resonator Using Applied Machine Learning" (2022) ACS Applied Electronic Materials (pdf)

J. Cnossen, T. J. Cui, C. Joo, C. Smith, "Drift correction in localization microscopy using entropy minimization" (2021) Optics Express (open access) (bioRxiv)

Lerner et al, (2021) "FRET-based dynamic structural biology: Challenges, perspectives and an appeal for open-science practices", eLife (open access)

Joo et al, "Voice of chemical biology", (2020) Nature Chemical Biology (link)

Chirlmin's voice: "An ultrasensitive technique such as single-molecule protein sequencing is needed.  This opens exciting new frontiers to answer questions that we might not even know of yet and in doing so will revolutionize the fields of medicine, agriculture, biophysics and beyond."

S. Ruijtenberg , S. Sonneveld , T. J. Cui, I. Logister, D. de Steenwinkel, Y. Xiao, I. J. MacRae, C. Joo, M. E. Tanenbaum (2020), "mRNA structural dynamics shape Argonaute-target interactions" Nature Structural & Molecular Biology (PDF)

T. G. Brevé, M. Filius, C. Araman, M. P. van der Helm, P. L. Hagedoorn, C. Joo, S. I. van Kasteren, R. Eelkema (2020) "Conditional Copper-Catalyzed Azide-Alkyne Cycloaddition by Catalyst Encapsulation" Angew Chem Int Ed Engl (open access)

J. W. Hegge, D. C. Swarts, S. D. Chandradoss, T. J. Cui, J. Kneppers, M. Jinek, C. Joo, J. van der Oost (2019) "DNA-guided DNA cleavage at moderate temperatures by prokaryotic Argonaute" Nucleic Acids Research (BioRxiv, open access)

S. H. Kim, T. Ahn, T. J. Cui, S. Chauhan, J. Sung, C. Joo, D. Kim (2017) "RecA filament maintains the structural integrity using ATP-driven internal dynamics" Science Advances, (open access)

T. J. Kim, C. Joo, J. Seong, R. Vafabakhsh, E. L. Botvinick, M. W. Berns, A. E. Palmer, N. Wang, T. Ha, E. Jakobsson, J. Sun, Y. Wang (2015) “Distinct mechanisms regulating mechanical force-induced Ca2+ signals at the plasma membrane and the ER in human MSCs” eLife, 4:e04876 (open access)

S. H. Kim, J. Park, C. Joo, D. Kim, T. Ha (2015) "Dynamic Growth and Shrinkage Govern the pH Dependence of RecA Filament Stability" PLoS One, 10(1):e0115611 (open access)

S. H. Kim, K. Ragunathan, J. Park, C. Joo, D. Kim, T. Ha (2014) "Cooperative Conformational Transitions Keep RecA Filament Active During ATPase Cycle." Journal of the American Chemical Society, 136(42):14796-800 (PDF) (PMC free text)

S. H. Kim, C. Joo, T. Ha, D. Kim (2013) "Molecular mechanism of sequence-dependent stability of RecA filament" Nucleic Acids Research,41(16):7738-44 (open access)

K. Ragunathan, C. Joo, T. Ha (2011) "Real time observation of strand exchange reaction with high spatiotemporal resolution" Structure, 19, 1064-1073 (PDF) (PMC free text)

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J. Lee, S. Lee, K. Ragunathan, C. Joo, T. Ha, S. Hohng (2010) "Single-molecule Four-color FRET" Angewandte Chemie, 49(51), 9922-5 (PDF, supplements) (PMC free text)

I. Heo§, C. Joo§, Y.-K. Kim§, M. Ha, M.-J. Yoon, J. Cho, K.-H. Yeom, J. Han, V. N. Kim (2009) "TUT4 in Concert with Lin28 Suppresses MicroRNA Biogenesis through Pre-MicroRNA Uridylation" Cell, 138, 696-708 (PDF, supplements) §equal contribution

- Highlight in Nature Reviews (Molecular Cell Biology) (PDF)
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I. Heo§, C. Joo§, J. Cho, M. Ha, J. Han, V. N. Kim (2008) “Lin28 Mediates the Terminal Uridylation of let-7 Precursor MicroRNA”Molecular Cell, 32, 276-284 (PDF, supplements) §equal contribution

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I. Cissé, B. Okumuş, C. Joo, T. Ha (2007) “Fueling Protein-DNA Interactions Inside Porous Nanocontainers” Proc. Natl. Acad. Soc. USA, 104, 12646-50 (PDF, supplements) (PMC free text)

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S. A. McKinney, C. Joo, T. Ha (2006) “Analysis of Single-molecule FRET Trajectories Using Hidden Markov Modeling” Biophysical Journal, 91, 1941-1954 (PDF) (PMC free text)

- Software: HaMMy

C. Joo, S. A. McKinney, M. Nakamura, I. Rasnik, S. Myong, T. Ha (2006) “Real-time Observation of RecA Filament Dynamics with Single Monomer Resolution” Cell, 126, 515-527 (PDF with supplements

- News: Illinois, physics, photonics, Korean

S. Myong, I. Rasnik, C. Joo, T. M. Lohman, T. Ha (2005) “Repetitive Shuttling of a Motor Protein on DNA” Nature, 437, 1321-1325 (PDF with supplements

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S. Hohng, C. Joo, T. Ha (2004) “Single-molecule Three-color FRET" Biophysical Journal, 87, 1328-1337 (PDF) (PMC free text)

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C. Joo, S. A. McKinney, D. M. J. Lilley, T. Ha (2004) “Exploring Rare Conformational Species and Ionic Effects in DNA Holliday Junctions Using Single-molecule Spectroscopy" Journal of Molecular Biology, 341, 739-751 (PDF)

Review Articles with Contributing Authorship

C. Joo, H. Balci, Y. Ishitsuka, C. Buranachai, T. Ha (2008) “Advances in Single-Molecule Fluorescence Methods for Molecular Biology” Annual Review of Biochemistry, 77, 51-76 (PDF)

- One of The Most Frequently Downloaded Articles in Annual Review of Biochemistry (2008-2009)

Protocols with Contributing Authorship

 J. Diao, Y. Ishitsuka, H. Lee, C. Joo, Z. Su, S. Syed, Y. K. Shin, T. Y. Yoon, T. Ha (2012) "A single vesicle-vesicle fusion assay for in vitro studies of SNAREs and accessory proteins" Nature Protocols, 7(6):921-34 (pdf) (PMC free text)

C. Joo and T. Ha (2008) “Single Molecule FRET with Total Internal Reflection Microscopy” In ‘Single Molecule Techniques: A Laboratory Manual’ (2008) (ed P. Selvin and T. Ha) Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

§ equal contribution