Next Generation Single-Molecule Biophysics


Using next-generation single-molecule fluorescence techniques, we investigate how small regulatory RNA mediates gene silencing (RNA interference) and anti-viral defense (CRISPR immunity and beyond). We develop single-molecule protein sequencing techniques for advanced proteomics analysis. We organized conferences in 2017 and 2019.


Alfaro et al, "The emerging landscape of single-molecule protein sequencing technologies" Nature Methods (2021)

Filius, Kim, Severins, Joo "High-resolution single-molecule FRET via DNA eXchange" Nano Letters (2021)

Kim, Loeff, Colombo, Jergic, Brouns, Joo "Selective loading and processing of prespacers for precise CRISPR adaptation" Nature (2020) (animation)

Filius, Cui, Ananth, Docter, Hegge, van der Oost, Joo, "High-speed super-resolution imaging using protein-assisted DNA-PAINT" Nano Letters (2020)

Cui, Klein, Hegge, Chandradoss, van der Oost, Depken, Joo "Argonaute bypasses cellular obstacles without hindrance during target search" Nature Communications (2019)


Nov 2021 Kavli Colloquium by Alexander van Oudenaarden

Nov 2021 Chirlmin's interview published in iScience

Oct 2021 Chirlmin gives a talk in EPIC-XC Workshop

Oct 2021 Chirlmin gives a talk in Kluyver Colloquium

Sep 2021 Chirlmin gives a talk in Next Generation Biophysics Symposium

Sep 2021 Chirlmin gives a talk in UST Global Conference

Sep 2021 Kijun starts his post-doctoral training

Sep 2021 Carlos•Mike•Raman's paper accepted in iScience

Sep 2021 Koushik starts his PhD study

Aug 2021 Thijs' paper published in Optics Express

Aug 2021 Carlos•Mike•Sung Hyun's paper published in Biophysical Journal

Aug 2021 Viktorija starts her position in Ffund

Jul 2021 Chirlmin appointed full professor

Jul 2021 Chirlmin gives a talk in G4 webinar series

Jul 2021 Margreet wins Teacher of the Year

Jul 2021 Raman•Mike's paper published in Trends in Biochemical Sciences

Jun 2021 A review paper on single-molecule protein sequencing published in Nature Methods

May 2021 A new look of the group website!

Apr 2021 Luuk's paper published in Patterns

Apr 2021 Chirlmin gives a webinar in Kent State University

Apr 2021 NWO Vici grant awarded. We are hiring!

Apr 2021 Sungchul starts his group at IBS Center for RNA Research

Apr 2021 Melis starts her bachelor project

Apr 2021 Frank starts his master project

Mar 2021 MikeCarlos's patent published

Mar 2021 paper published in eLife

Mar 2021 Hamza•Viktorija's paper published in ACS Chemical Biology

Mar 2021 Mike•Sung Hyun•Ivo's paper published in Nano Letters

Feb 2021 Chirlmin gives a talk in KPS Applied Physics Academy

Feb 2021 Carolien's paper published in RNA Biology

Jan 2021 Chirlmin gives a talk in Dutch Physics Conference

Jan 2021 Jack starts his post-doctoral study

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