News archive

Dec 2020 Synergy Grant awarded by Bioengineering Institute
Dec 2020 Adam gives a talk in CHAINS
Nov 2020 Chirlmin gives a talk in K-Bio
Nov 2020 Chirlmin gives a talk in Dutch RNA Conference
Nov 2020 Mike gives a talk in Single-molecule Sensors and NanoSystems
Nov 2020 Thijs starts his research scientist position in Janssen Therapeutics
Oct 2020 Our work on CRISPR highlighted by Nature (Nobel Prize 2020)
Oct 2020 Carolien gives a talk in NWO Biophysics
Sep 2020 Dong-Hoon joins as a post-doc
Sep 2020 Raman starts a master project
Sep 2020 Bhagyashree joins as a post-doc
Aug 2020 Tygo defends his bachelor thesis
Jul 2020 Thijs' paper published in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology
Jul 2020 Delft Health Initiative grant awarded (news)
Jul 2020 Pim defends his master thesis
Jul 2020 Sungchul's work highlighted in European Commission
Jun 2020 Chirlmin receives Hansung Science Award (news)
Jun 2020 Roy defends his master thesis
May 2020 Chirlmin gives a Nature Webcast
Apr 2020 Sungchul's paper accepted by Nature Communications
Apr 2020 Mike's paper published in Angewandte Chemie
Mar 2020 Mike•Thijs•Margreet's paper published in Nano Letters
Feb 2020 Our Cas1-2 work highlighted by TU Delft (News)
Feb 2020 Sungchul•Luuk•Sabina's paper published in Nature
Feb 2020 Tygo starts a bachelor project
Feb 2020 Taekjip (TJ) Ha gives a Kavli Colloquium talk
Jan 2020 Woo-Chan joins as a visiting scholar
Jan 2020 Laura starts her position in Vintura

Dec 2019 Misha defends his PhD thesis
Dec 2019 Thijs defends his PhD thesis
Dec 2019 Eui-Jeon Woo joins as a visiting scholar
Dec 2019 Chirlmin gives an invited talk in VIB Tools & Technologies in Belgium

Nov 2019 Dong Hoon SHIN awarded KIND Postdoc Fellowship
Nov 2019 Chirlmin gives an invited talk in Univ of Groningen
Nov 2019 Harold Hwang visits for the Kavli Colloquium
Oct 2019 Alessia joins as a technician
Oct 2019 Laura•Chun's paper published in Nano Letters
Oct 2019 Sung Hyun joins as a post-doc
Oct 2019 Sungchul gives a talk in Korean Society for Molecular and Cellular Biology (Young Investigator Award)
Sep 2019 Springer book "Biophysics of RNA-protein interactions" published
Sep 2019 Viktorija defends her PhD thesis
Sep 2019 Thijs•MishaStanley's paper published in Nature Communications
Sep 2019 Laura•PeggyNathalie's paper published in ACS Nano
Sep 2019 Chirlmin organizes Single-Molecule Protein Sequencing in Israel
Sep 2019 Nathalie joins as an intern
Sep 2019 Pim starts a master project
Sep 2019 Roy starts a master project
Sep 2019 Carolien joins as a a PhD student
Sep 2019 Anna defends her bachelor thesis
Aug 2019 Anne-Wietje defends her bachelor thesis
Aug 2019 David defends his master thesis
Aug 2019 Virgil defends his bachelor thesis
Aug 2019 Young Yook Kim joins as a visiting scholar
Jul 2019 Chirlmin gives an invited talk in EKC
Jul 2019 Chirlmin meets with the president of ERC, Jean-Pierre Bourguignon
Jul 2019 Sabina defended her master thesis with honours
Jul 2019 Carolien defends her master thesis
Jun 2019 Rodrigo finishes his internship
Jun 2019 Sungchul gives a talk in CRISPR 2019, Quebec City, Cananda
May 2019 Joanna Aizenberg gives a Kavli Colloquium talk
May 2019 Laura defends her PhD thesis
May 2019 Shirani defends her bachelor thesis
May 2019 Thijs' paper published in RNA Biology
May 2019 StanleyThijs' paper published in Nucleic Acids Research
Apr 2019 Chirlmin gives an invited talk in KAIST, Korea
Apr 2019 Chirlmin gives an invited talk in Keystone (small regulatory RNAs)

Apr 2019 Adam joins as a post-doctoral fellow (visiting scholar)
Mar 2019 Interview by mRNA from Nanobiology Association
Mar 2019 HFSP Grant awarded for cowork with Sang Wook Lee (news in Delta)
Mar 2019 Erwin Frey visits as Kavli Chair of 2019
Mar 2019 Anna starts a bachelor project
Feb 2019 Chirlmin gives an invited talk in PROSEQO workshop, Barcelona, Spain
Feb 2019 Virgil starts a bachelor project
Feb 2019 Luuk awarded Marie-Curie fellowship 
Feb 2019 Rodrigo starts master internship
Feb 2019 Viktorija•Hwan's paper highlighted in EMBO Journal
Feb 2019 Laura's paper published in ACS Nano
Jan 2019 Viktorija's paper published in Methods in Enzymology
Jan 2019 Luuk awarded Rubicon fellowship (Delta interview)
Jan 2019 Ronald van Rij from Radboud UMC visits our group
Jan 2019 Chirlmin gives a talk in Seoul National Univ, Korea

Dec 2018 Chirlmin gives a talk in Ewha Womans Univ and Gwangju Inst of Science and Tech, Korea
Dec 2018 Viktorija•Hwan's paper published in EMBO Journal
Dec 2018 NWO TTW Takeoff Grant awarded to Laura
Dec 2018 Isabell defends master thesis
Dec 2018 Thijs awarded Best Presentation in NWO CHAINS
Dec 2018 Thijs gives talk in NWO CHAINS (Chemistry)
Dec 2018 Luuk joins the Martin Jinek group for his post-doctoral study
Nov 2018 ERC Consolidator Grant awarded (TU Delft news). We have open PhD/post-doc positions.
Nov 2018 Adam Pormoski awarded fellowship from Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange
Nov 2018 Anne-Wietje starts bachelor project
Nov 2018 Rochelle defends bachelor thesis
Oct 2018 Mieke•Tijmen start Nanobiology Minor project
Oct 2018 David starts master project
Oct 2018 Marjolein starts bachelor project
Oct 2018 Mike gives talk in NWO Biophysics
Sep 2018 Ivo•Malwina's paper published in Biophysical Journal
Sep 2018 Laura's paper published in Nature Nanotechnology
Sep 2018 Cecilia joins as a technician
Sep 2018 Adi joins as a guest researcher
Sep 2018 Valerie joins the RNA team
Sep 2018 Chirlmin becomes Director of Kavli Institute of Nanoscience in Delft (interview)
Aug 2018 Chun finished his master study with cum laude
Aug 3, 2018 A startup company Bluemics launched. We develop a single-molecule protein sequencer.

Jul 2018 Chirlmin gives talks in MIT, Harvard, and Broad Institute
Jul 2018 Shirani starts bachelor project
Jul 2018 Mohamed starts scientist position in Peter MacCallum Centre in Australia
Jul 2018 Ferdy defends bachelor thesis
Jul 2018 Hamza joins as a visiting scholar
May 2018 Luuk gives plenary talk in RNA Society Meeting
Apr 2018 Luuk's paper highlighted by TU Delft (molecular fishing rod and shredder)
Apr 2018 Luuk's paper published in Molecular Cell
Apr 2018 Rochelle starts bachelor project
Apr 2018 Kazufumi Mochizuki from CNRS visits our group
Apr 2018 Hagan Bayley's group from Oxford visits our group
Apr 2018 Group BBQ party with chefs Filius and Loeff

Apr 2018 Ferdy starts bachelor project
Apr 2018 Viktorija•Sung Hyun's paper published in Annual Review of Biophysics
Mar 2018 Jetty•Mike•Malwina•Pawel's paper published in PNAS
Feb 2018 Mohamed gives talk in SignaLife conference in Nice, France
Feb 2018 Peggy joins the sequencing team
Jan 2018 Hamza Balci awarded Marie-Curie Fellowship
Jan 2018 Jetty gives a talk in Physics@Veldhoven
Jan 2018 Isabell starts master project
Jan 2018 Mohamed•Jasper•Iasonas•Anna's paper published in Nucleic Acids Research

Dec 2017 First international Single-Molecule Protein Sequencing conference (& curling!) (group photo)

Dec 2017 Luuk gave talk in NWO Chemistry, Veldhoven
Nov 2017 Nicola finished master project
Nov 2017 Sabina started master project
Oct 2017 BasMaartenPim started Minor Project
Oct 2017 Luuk defended his PhD with cum laude
Oct 2017 Mohamed gave talk in NWO Biophysics, Veldhoven
Oct 2017 Viktorija gave talk in NWO Biophysics, Veldhoven
Oct 2017 Chirlmin delivered plenary talk in NWO Biophysics, Veldhoven
Oct 2017 Blake Wiedenheft from Montana State Univ visited us
Oct 2017 Carlos joined the sequencing team
Sep 2017 Stanley's paper published EMBO Journal
Sep 2017 Group retreat to Málaga, Spain!

Sep 2017 Chun Heung joined for master project
Sep 2017 Sung Hyun•Thijs•Sweeny's paper published in Science Advances
Sep 2017 Ivo joined for PhD study
Sep 2017 Berkalp finished master project
Sep 2017 Sonja joined the sequencing team
Aug 2017 Esmee finished master project
Aug 2017 Stanley started new position in Oxford NanoImaging
Jul 2017 Laura gave talk in nanopore conference in Bremen, Germany 
Jul 2017 Erwin finished bachelor project
Jul 2017 Lois finished bachelor project
Jul 2017 Laura's paper accepted in Nanoscale
Jun 2017 NanoFront grant awarded
Jun 2017 Chirlmin gave talk in Max Planck Institute in Goettingen
Jun 2017 Chirlmin gave talk in Univ of Utah, US
Jun 2017 Chirlmin gave talk in CRISPR conference in Montana, US 
May 2017 Jetty awarded Marina van Damme scholarship
May 2017 Chirlmin gave talk in Hubrecht Institute
May 2017 Chirlmin gave talk in Wageningen UR
May 2017 Chirlmin delivered keynote speech in Labex SIGNALIFE, Nice, France
May 2017 Ilja joins as technician
Apr 2017 Nicola joined for master project
Mar 2017 Mike awarded Best Poster Presentation in BioDay
Mar 2017 MalwinaStanley's paper published in Molecular Cell
Feb 2017 Luuk awarded Best Oral Presentation in Kyoto University
Feb 2017 Ivo joined the sequencing team
Feb 2017 Laura gave talk in Biophysical Society Meeting in New Orleans, US
Feb 2017 Thijs gave talk in Biophysical Society Meeting in New Orleans, US
Feb 2017 Chirlmin gave talk in Biophysical Society Meeting in New Orleans, US
Feb 2017 Justine joined for bachelor project
Feb 2017 Erwin joined for bachelor project
Feb 2017 Lois joined for bachelor project
Feb 2017 Mohamed gave talk in Keystone Symposia (noncoding RNAs), Canada
Feb 2017 Dieuwertje finished bachelor project
Jan 2017 Sungchul awarded Marie-Curie fellowship
Jan 2017 Malwina started new position in DiabetOmics
Jan 2017 Natalie finished bachelor project
Jan 2017 Vrije FOM programme started

Dec 2016 Jetty defended her PhD
Dec 2016 MohamedKayAnnaSweenyInha's paper published in Nature Communications
Dec 2016 Chirlmin gave invited talk in Zing Conference (nucleic acids) in Tampa Bay, US
Dec 2016 Prof. Eui-Jeon Woo joined as a visitor scholar via ERC-Korea cooperation
Nov 2016 Vrije FOM programme grant (Chirlmin as project leader of six groups) awarded

FOM celebration

Nov 2016 Berkalp started master project
Oct 2016 Ian MacRae from Scripps visited us
Oct 2016 Mike joined for PhD study
Sep 2016 Dieuwertje started bachelor project
Sep 2016 Natalie started bachelor project
Sep 2016 Jetty started her new job in EMC
Sep 2016 Esmée joined for master project
Aug 2016 Ilias finished master internship
Aug 2016 Seung Hwan joined for post-doc training
Jul 2016 Jasper finished bachelor thesis
Jul 2016 Louis-Marie finished master internship
Jul 2016 Tim finished master internship
Jul 2016 Chirlmin gave several talks in China (Institute of Biophysics, Tianjin Univ, Nankai Univ)
Jul 2016 Chirlmin gave talk in Institut de Biologie Moleculaire et Cellulaire, Strasbourg
Jul 2016 Chirlmin gave invited talk at Gordon Conference (single-molecule) in Hong Kong
Jul 2016 Iasonas joined for PhD study
Jun 2016 Mohamed gave talk at RNA Society Meeting in Kyoto, Japan
Jun 2016 Prof. Maeng joined as a visitor scholar via ERC-Korea cooperation
Jun 2016 Carolien finished Honours project
Jun 2016 Sungchul received NRF award from Korea
May 2016 Laura gave talk at Next Generation Sequencing conference in Boston
May 2016 We moved to a new building (van der Maasweg 9, 2629HZ). We have more lab space!
May 2016 Misha•Stanley's review paper accepted in Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology
May 2016 Louis-Marie joined for master internship
Mar 2016 MohamedLuukMalwinaAnnaKay's paper published in Methods
Mar 2016 Chirlmin gave talks in Korea (Yonsei Univ, Hanyang Univ)
Mar 2016 Chirlmin gave invited talk at IBS-CNRS Symposium in Seoul, Korea
Feb 2016 Tim joined for master internship
Feb 2016 Ilias joined for master internship
Feb 2016 Jasper joined for bachelor project

Feb 2016

Jan 2016 Stanley defended PhD thesis
Jan 2016 Jasper•Guus finished bachelor Minor project
Jan 2016 Sungchul joined for post-doc training
Jan 2016 Luuk gave talk at Quantitative BioImaging Conference in Delft
Jan 2016 Chirlmin promoted to Associate Professor

Dec 2015 Chirlmin tenured. Thanks all for making this happen! 
Nov 2015 Mohamed gave talk at Dutch Chemistry conference
Nov 2015 Carolien joined for Honours Project
Nov 2015 John van der Oost from Wageningen UR visits us
Oct 2015 Malwina awarded Best Poster Prize in EMBL (non-coding genome) conference
Oct 2015 Chirlmin gave talk at EMBL (non-coding genome) conference
Sep 2015 Jetty gave talk at Dutch Biophysics conference
Sep 2015 Stanley's paper published in eLife
Aug 2015 Chirlmin gave several talks in US (Emory Univ, Georgia Institute of Technology, US-Korea Conference)
Aug 2015 Mike defended master thesis
Aug 2015 Ivo defended master thesis
Aug 2015 Yao•Margreet•Jetty's published in Physical Biology
Aug 2015 Soufian defended master thesis
Jul 2015 Nick defended bachelor thesis
Jul 2015 Jeroen defended bachelor thesis
Jul 2015 StanleyMalwina's paper published in Cell
Jun 2015 Melissa defended bachelor thesis
Jun 2015 Luuk gave talk at CRISPR conference in New York
Jun 2015 Mohamed awarded Best Poster Prize at Gordon Conference (nucleic acids), New England, US
Jun 2015 Stanley gave talk at Gordon Conference (nucleic acids), New England, US
Jun 2015 Chirlmin nominated as Teacher of the Year
Jun 2015 Thijs (Tao Ju) joined for PhD study
Jun 2015 Jin-Soo Kim from Seoul National Univ visited us
May 2015 NanoFront grant awarded
May 2015 Chirlmin gave talk at RNA Society Meeting in Madison, US
May 2015 Chirlmin gave talk at University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), US
May 2015 VIDI grant awarded from NWO
May 2015 LuukMohamed's paper published in EMBO Journal
Apr 2015 Chirlmin gave several talks in Korea (Seoul National Univ, Kunkuk Univ, Gwangju Institute of S&T)
Mar 2015 FOM grant awarded from NWO
Mar 2015 TimLuuk's paper published in Molecular Cell
Mar 2015 Mees defended master thesis
Mar 2015 Melissa joined for bachelor internship
Mar 2015 Yao started PhD in EMC
Feb 2015 Chirlmin's tweezers paper published in eLife
Feb 2015 Nick joined for bachelor project
Feb 2015 Jeroen joined for bachelor project
Feb 2015 Mike joined for master internship
Jan 2015 TomMerijn finished bachelor Minor project
Jan 2015 Our patent internationally effective
Jan 2015 Sung Hyun's paper published in PLoS One

Jan 2015

Dec 2014 Yao returned for internship
Dec 2014 Berkalp•Jeroen•Nick completed bachelor Minor project
Dec 2014 Sweeny returned for internship
Nov 2014 YouTube animation of single-molecule protein sequencing released
Nov 2014 Chirlmin gave talk in Radboud University Medical Center
Oct 2014 Mees joined for bachelor project
Oct 2014 Soufian joined for master project
Sep 2014 Sung Hyun's paper published in Journal of American Chemical Society
Sep 2014 Ivo joined for master internship
Aug 2014 Abidemi defended master thesis
Aug 2014 Viktorija joined for PhD study
Aug 2014 Maxime defended bachelor thesis
Jul 2014 Yao defended master thesis
Jun 2014 Chirlmin nominated as Teacher of the Year
May 2014 Stanley gave talk at Microsymposium in Vienna
May 2014 Tim joined Broad Institute as staff scientist
Apr 2014 A video protocol published in JoVE
Apr 2014 Laura joined for PhD study

Apr 2014

Mar 2014 Abidemi joined for master internship
Mar 2014 Maxime joined for bachelor project
Feb 2014 Tim gave talk at Biophysical Society in San Francisco
Jan 2014 Chirlmin gave talks in Korea (KAIST, Seoul National Univ)

Dec 2013 Sweeny defended bachelor thesis
Nov 2013 Ania joined for internship
Nov 2013 Sung Hyun joined for post-doc training

Nov 2013

Sep 2013 Sung Hyun's paper published in Nucleic Acids Research
Aug 2013 Pawel joined as technician
Jul 2013 Yao joined for master project
Jul 2013 Tim joined for post-doc training
Jun 2013 Mohamed awarded best poster prize at RNA Society Meeting in Davos, Switzerland
Jun 2013  Sweeny joined for bachelor project

June 2013

May 2013 Giacomo joined for bachelor project
Apr 2013 NanoFront grant awarded
Feb 2013 Malwina joined for post-doc training
Feb 2013 Inge joined as lab technician

Dec 2012 Luuk joined for PhD study
Nov 2012 Our review paper published in Trends in Biochemical Sciences
Nov 2012 Zwaartekracht grant awarded from NWO
Oct 2012 FOM grant awarded from NWO

October 2012

Jul 2012 Chirlmin gave talk in Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis, INSERM, Nice, France
Jul 2012 ERC starting grant awarded
Jun 2012 ALW grant awarded from NWO
May 2012 Fellowship for Mohamed awarded from Fondation pour la Recherche Medicale, France
Mar 2012 Mohamed joined for post-doc training
Jan 2012 Margreet joined as technician

Nov 2011 Chirlmin introduced in Kavli Newsletter
Jul 2011 Anna joined as technician
Jul 2011 Stanley joined for PhD study
Jun 2011 Our first paper published in EMBO Reports
May 2011 Chirlmin gave talk in KNAW Biophysics

June 2011

Mar 2011 Kay joined for post-doc training
Feb 2011 Jetty joined for PhD study
Jan 2011 Chirlmin gave talk in Univ of Leiden
Jan 2011 
The lab opened at TU Delft