Single-Molecule Biophysics


  • Using cutting-edge single-molecule fluorescence tools, we investigate how small regulatory RNA mediates gene silencing (RNA interference) and anti-viral defense (CRISPR immunity and beyond). We apply the mechanistic understanding to genome editing. 
  • We develop single-molecule protein sequencing techniques for advanced proteomics analysis. We organized  conferences in 2017 and 2019.

  • Kim, Loeff, Colombo, Jergic, Brouns, Joo "Selective loading and processing of prespacers for precise CRISPR adaptation" Nature (2020) (animation)
  • Cui, Klein, Hegge, Chandradoss, van der Oost, Depken, Joo "Argonaute bypasses cellular obstacles without hindrance during target search" Nature Communications (2019)
  • Globyte, Lee, Bae, Kim, Joo "CRISPR/Cas9 searches for a protospacer adjacent motif by lateral diffusion" EMBO Journal (2018)

  • Restrepo, Joo, Dekker "Paving the way to single-molecule protein sequencing" Nature Nanotechnology (2018)

  • van Ginkel, Filius, Szczepaniak, Tulinski, Meyer, Joo "Single-molecule peptide fingerprinting" PNAS (2018)


Sep 2021 Alisa joins as a PhD student
Apr 2021 NWO Vici grant awarded
Apr 2021 Sungchul starts his own group in IBS Center for RNA Research
Apr 2021 Melis starts her bachelor project
Apr 2021 Luuk's paper accepted in Patterns
Apr 2021 Frank starts his master project
Mar 2021 paper published in eLife
Mar 2021 HamzaViktorija's paper published in ACS Chemical Biology
Mar 2021 MikeSung HyunIvo's paper published in Nano Letters
Feb 2021 Chirlmin gives a talk in KPS Applied Physics Academy
Feb 2021 paper accepted in eLife
Feb 2021 Carolien's paper accepted in RNA Biology
Jan 2021 Chirlmin gives a talk in Dutch Physics Conference
Jan 2021 Jack joins as a post-doc


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