Single-Molecule Biology Beyond Genomics

Using cutting-edge single-molecule fluorescence tools, we explore how non-coding RNAs in CRISPR immunity and RNA interference trigger anti-viral defence and self-regulation. We apply our understanding of non-coding RNAs to development of genome editing techniques. We are also developing single-molecule protein sequencing techniques for high throughput, high accuracy proteomic analysis. See Chirlmin's ambition in his self-interviews (English) (Korean).

PhD positions (biology)
Bachelor/Master projects (physics, chemistry, biology)
Postdoc positions (physics, biology)

 Dec 2016 Chirlmin will give invited talk in Zing Conference (nucleic acids) in Tampa Bay, US
 Sep 2016 Mike will join for PhD study
 Aug 2016  Seung Hwan will join for post-doc training
 Jul 2016 Chirlmin will give invited talk at Gordon Conference (single-molecule) in Hong Kong
 Jul 2016 Iasonas will join for PhD study
 Jul 2016 Mohamed will give talk at RNA Society Meeting in Kyoto, Japan

 Jun 2016 Carolien finished Honours project
 Jun 2016 Sungchul received fellowship from Korea
 May 2016 Laura gave talk at Next Generation Sequencing conference in Boston
 May 2016 We moved to a new building (van der Maasweg 9, 2629HZ). We have more lab space!
 May 2016 Misha/Stanley's review paper accepted in Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology
 May 2016 Louis-Marie joined for master internship
 Mar 2016 Mohamed/Luuk/Malwina/Anna/Kay's paper published in Methods
 Mar 2016 Chirlmin gave invited talk at IBS-CNRS Symposium in Seoul
 Feb 2016 Tim joined for master internship
 Feb 2016 Ilias joined for master internship
 Feb 2016 Jasper joined for bachelor project

Feb 2016

 Jan 2016 Stanley defended PhD thesis
 Jan 2016 Jasper/Guus finished bachelor Minor project
 Jan 2016 Sungchul joined for post-doc training
 Jan 2016 Luuk gave talk at Quantitative BioImaging Conference in Delft
 Jan 2016 Chirlmin promoted to Associate Professor

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