Single-Molecule Biophysics


  • Using cutting-edge single-molecule fluorescence tools, we investigate how small RNA mediates gene silencing (RNA interference) and anti-viral defense (CRISPR immunity and DNA interference). We apply the mechanistic understanding to genome editing. See job openings.
  • We develop single-molecule protein sequencing techniques for advanced proteomics analysis.

  • Klum, Chandradoss, Schirle, Joo, MacRae "Helix-7 in Argonaute2 shapes the microRNA seed region for rapid target recognition" EMBO Journal (2017)

  • Restrepo-Pérez, John, Aksimentiev, Joo, Dekker, "SDS-assisted protein transport through solid-state nanoporesNanoscale (2017)

  • Fareh, Yeom, Haagsma, Chauhan, Heo, Joo "TRBP ensures efficient Dicer processing of precursor microRNA in RNA-crowded environments" Nature Communications, (2016)

  • Chandradoss, Schirle, Szczepaniak, MacRae, Joo "A dynamic search process underlies microRNA targeting" Cell (2015)

  • Blosser, Loeff, Westra, Vlot, Kunne, Sobota, Dekker, Brouns, Joo "Two distinct DNA binding modes guide dual roles of a CRISPR-Cas protein complex" Molecular Cell (2015)


September 2018
Chirlmin gives invited talk in Mol & Cell Biology conference in Korea

June 2018
Thijs gives talk in Jacques Monod conference in France

April 2018
Kazufumi Mochizuki from CNRS visits our group

April 2018
Rochelle starts bachelor project

April 2018
Ferdy starts bachelor project

February 2018
Jetty•Mike•Malwina•Pawel's paper accepted by PNAS

February 2018
Viktorija•Sung Hyun's paper accepted by Annual Review of Biophysics

February 2018
Peggy joins the sequencing team

January 2018
Hamza Balci awarded Marie-Curie Fellowship

January 2018
Jetty gives a talk in Physics@Veldhoven

January 2018
Antoine starts Honours project

January 2018
Isabell starts master project

January 2018
Mohamed•Jasper•Iasonas•Anna's paper published in Nucleic Acids Research

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