Single-Molecule Biology Beyond Genomics

        We aim to discover novel biological mechanisms in nature 
        by using cutting-edge single-molecule tools.

        See Chirlmin's ambition in his self-interviews (English) (Korean).


     PhD position available
         Background: biology

     Bachelor/master projects available
         Background: physics/chemistry/biology

     Postdoc positions available
         Background: physics/biology

  Lab News

      Dec 2016. Chirlmin will give an invited talk in Zing Conference

      Sep 2016. Mike will join for a PhD study

      Aug 2016. Seung Hwan will join for post-doc training

      Jul 2016. Chirlmin will give an invited talk in Gordon Conference

      Jul 2016. Iasonas will join for a PhD study

      Jun 2016. Mohamed will give a talk in RNA 2016

      May 2016. Laura gave a talk in NGS conference

      May 2016. We moved to a new building (van der Maasweg 9, 2629HZ)

      May 2016. Misha/Stanley's review paper accepted in SCDB

      May 2016. Louis-Marie joined for his master internship

      Mar 2016. Mohamed et al published in Methods

      Mar 2016. Chirlmin gave an invited talk in IBS-CNRS Symposium

      Feb 2016. Tim (Allertz) joined for his master intern project

      Feb 2016. Ilias joined for his master intern project

      Feb 2016. Jasper joined for his BEP

      Jan 2016. Stanley defended his PhD thesis

      Jan 2016. Jasper/Guus finished their bachelor Minor Project

      Jan 2016. Sungchul (Kim) joined for post-doc training

      Jan 2016. Luuk gave a talk in Quantitative Bioimaging Conference

      Jan 2016. Chirlmin promoted to Associate Professor

      Dec 2015. Chirlmin tenured. Thanks all for making this happen!

      Nov 2015. Mohamed gave a talk in Dutch Chemistry Conference

      Nov 2015. Carolien joined for her Honors Project

      Nov 2015. Malwina awarded Best Poster Prize in EMBL Conference

      Oct 2015. Chirlmin gave a talk in EMBL

      Sep 2015. Jetty gave a talk in Dutch Biophysics Conference

      Sep 2015. Stanley's paper published in eLife

      Aug 2015. Mike defended his master thesis

      Aug 2015. Ivo defended his master thesis

      Aug 2015. Yao/Margreet/Jetty's published in Physical Biology

      Aug 2015. Soufian defended his master thesis

      Jul 2015. Nick defended his bachelor thesis

      Jul 2015. Jeroen defended his bachelor thesis

      Jul 2015. Stanley/Malwina's paper published in Cell

      Jun 2015. Melissa defended her bachelor thesis

      Jun 2015. Luuk gave a talk in CRISPR 2015

      Jun 2015. Mohamed awarded Best Poster Prize in Gordon Conference

      Jun 2015. Stanley gave a talk in Gordon Conference

      Jun 2015. Chirlmin nominated as Teacher of the Year

      Jun 2015. Thijs (Tao Ju) joined for a PhD study

      May 2015. NanoFront grant awarded

      May 2015. Chirlmin gave a talk in RNA 2015

      May 2015. VIDI grant awarded from NWO

      May 2015. Luuk/Mohamed's paper published in EMBO Journal

      Mar 2015. FOM grant awarded from NWO

      Mar 2015. Tim/Luuk's paper published in Molecular Cell

      Mar 2015. Mees defended his master thesis

      Mar 2015. Melissa joined for her bachelor internship

      Mar 2015. Yao started her PhD in EMC

      Feb 2015. Chirlmin's tweezers paper published in eLife

      Feb 2015. Nick joined for his bachelor internship

      Feb 2015. Jeroen joined for his bachelor internship

      Feb 2015. Mike joined for his master internship

      Jan 2015. Tom/Merijn completed their bachelor minor

      Jan 2015. Our patent became internationally effective

      Jan 2015. Sung Hyun's paper published in PLoS One

      Dec 2014. Yao returned for her internship

      Dec 2014. Berkalp/Jeroen/Nick completed their bachelor Minor

      Dec 2014. Sweeny returned for her internship

      Nov 2014. YouTube for single-molecule protein sequencing published

      Oct 2014. Mees joined for his bachelor internship

      Oct 2014. Soufian joined for his master internship

      Sep 2014. Sung Hyun's paper published in JACS

      Sep 2014. Ivo joined for his master internship

      Aug 2014. Abidemi defended his master thesis

      Aug 2014. Viktorija joined for a PhD study

      Aug 2014. Maxime defended her bachelor thesis

      July 2014. Yao defended her master thesis

      June 2014. Chirlmin nominated as Teacher of the Year

      May 2014. Stanley gave a talk in Microsymposium

      May 2014. Tim joined Broad Institute as a staff scientist

      Apr 2014. A video protocol published in JoVE

      Apr 2014. Laura joined for a PhD study

      Mar 2014. Abidemi joined for his master internship

      Feb 2014. Maxime joined for her bachelor-ending project

      Feb 2014. Tim gave a talk in BPS

       Dec 2013. Sweeny defended her bachelor thesis

       Nov 2013. Ania joined for her internship

       Nov 2013. Sung Hyun joined for post-doc training

       Sep 2013. Sung Hyun's paper published in NAR

       Aug 2013. Pawel joined as a technician

       Jul 2013. Yao joined for her master project

       Jul 2013. Tim joined for post-doc training

       Jun 2013. Mohamed awarded Best Poster Prize in RNA 2013

       Jun 2013. Sweeny joined for her bachelor-ending project

       May 2013. Giacomo joined for his bachelor project

       Apr 2013. NanoFront grant awarded

       Apr 2013. Teaser for protein sequencing is out via TU Delft

       Feb 2013. Malwina joined for post-doc training

       Jan 2013. Inge joined as a lab technician

      ◆ Dec 2012. Luuk joined for a PhD study

      ◆ Nov 2012. Our review paper published in TiBS

      ◆ Nov 2012. Zwaartekracht grant awarded from NWO

      ◆ Oct 2012. FOM grant awarded from NWO

      ◆ Jul 2012.  ERC starting grant awarded

      ◆ Jun 2012. ALW grant awarded from NWO

      ◆ May 2012. Fellowship for Mohamed awarded from France

      ◆ Mar 2012. Mohamed joined for post-doc training

      ◆ Jan 2012. Margreet joined as a technician

       Nov 2011. Chirlmin introduced in Kavli Newsletter

       Jul 2011. Anna joined as a technician

      ◆ Jul 2011. Stanley joined for a PhD study

      ◆ Jun 2011. Our first paper published in EMBO Reports

      ◆ Mar 2011. Kay joined for post-doc training

      ◆ Feb 2011. Jetty joined for a PhD study

      ◆ Jan 2011. The lab opened at TU Delft

                                                   Feb 2016

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