Single-Molecule Biology: Exploring Beyond the Genome


  • Using cutting-edge single-molecule fluorescence tools, we investigate how non-coding RNAs trigger anti-viral defence (CRISPR immunity) and regulate transcriptome (RNA interference). Our mechanistic understanding is applied to genome editing and gene regulation. 
  • We are developing single-molecule protein sequencing techniques for advanced proteomic analysis. PhD and postdoc positions are available.

  • M. Fareh, K. H. Yeom, A. C. Haagsma, S. Chauhan, I. Heo, & C. Joo (2016) "TRBP ensures efficient Dicer processing of precursor microRNA in RNA-crowded environmentsNature Communications (open access)
  • M. Klein, S. D. Chandradoss, M. Depken, C. Joo "Why Argonaute is needed to make microRNA target search fast and reliable" Seminars in Cell & Developmetal Biology (in press
  • Y. Yao, M. Docter, J. van Ginkel, D. de Ridder, & C. Joo (2015) "Single-molecule protein sequencing through fingerprinting: computational assessment" Physical Biology (open access)
  • S. D. Chandradoss, N. T. Schirle, M. Szczepaniak, I. J. MacRae, & C. Joo, (2015) “A Dynamic Search Process Underlies MicroRNA Targeting” Cell (PDF)
  • T. R. Blosser, L. Loeff, E. R. Westra, M. Vlot, T. Kunne, M. Sobota, C. Dekker, S. J. J. Brouns, & C. Joo (2015) "Two Distinct DNA Binding Modes Guide Dual Roles of a CRISPR-Cas Protein Complex" Molecular Cell (PDF)

December 2017
We host the first Single-Molecule Protein Sequencing workshop in Delft

July 2017
Laura gives talk in a nanopore conference in Bremen, Germany

June 16, 2017 
Luuk defends his PhD

May 2017
Chirlmin delivers keynote speech in Labex SIGNALIFE, Nice, France

May 2017
Ilja joins as a technician

April 2017 
Nicola joins for master project

March 2017
MalwinaStanley's paper published in Molecular Cell

February 2017
Ivo joins the sequencing team

February 2017 
Laura gives talk in Biophysical Society Meeting in New Orleans, US

February 2017 
Thijs gives talk in Biophysical Society Meeting in New Orleans, US

February 2017
Chirlmin gives talk in Biophysical 
Society Meeting in New Orleans, US

February 2017
Justine joins for bachelor project

February 2017
Erwin joins for bachelor project

February 2017
Lois joins for bachelor project

February 2017
Mohamed gives talk in Keystone Symposia (noncoding RNAs), Canada

February 2017
Dieuwertje finishes bachelor project

January 2017
Sungchul awarded Marie-Curie fellowship

January 2017
Malwina starts new position in DiabetOmics

January 2017
Natalie finishes bachelor project

January 2017
Vrije FOM programme starts

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