Single-Molecule Biophysics


  • Using cutting-edge single-molecule fluorescence tools, we investigate how small regulatory RNA mediates gene silencing (RNA interference) and anti-viral defense (CRISPR immunity and beyond). We apply the mechanistic understanding to genome editing. 
  • We develop single-molecule protein sequencing techniques for advanced proteomics analysis. We organized  conferences in 2017 and 2019.

  • Kim, Loeff, Colombo, Jergic, Brouns, Joo "Selective loading and processing of prespacers for precise CRISPR adaptation" Nature (2020)
  • Cui, Klein, Hegge, Chandradoss, van der Oost, Depken, Joo "Argonaute bypasses cellular obstacles without hindrance during target search" Nature Communications (2019)
  • Globyte, Lee, Bae, Kim, Joo "CRISPR/Cas9 searches for a protospacer adjacent motif by lateral diffusion" EMBO Journal (2018)

  • Restrepo, Joo, Dekker "Paving the way to single-molecule protein sequencing" Nature Nanotechnology (2018)

  • van Ginkel, Filius, Szczepaniak, Tulinski, Meyer, Joo "Single-molecule peptide fingerprinting" PNAS (2018)


September 2020
Raman starts a master project

July 2020
Tygo defenses his bachelor thesis

July 2020
Pim defenses his master thesis

June 2020
Roy defenses his master thesis

May 28, 2020
Chirlmin gives a Nature Webcast

April 2020
Sungchul's paper accepted by Nature Communications

April 2020
Mike's paper published in Angewandte Chemie

March 2020
Mike•Thijs•Margreet's paper published in Nano Letters

February 2020
Our Cas1-2 work highlighted by TU Delft (News)

February 2020
Sungchul•Luuk•Sabina's paper published in Nature

February 2020
Tygo starts a bachelor project

February 2020
Taekjip (TJ) Ha gives a Kavli Colloquium talk

January 2020
Woo-Chan joins as a visiting scholar

January 2020
Laura starts her position in Vintura

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