Job Opportunities

Single-molecule fluorescence
No openings for 2019
(The Joo lab is developing a novel single-molecule technique that will allow for observation of millions to billions of different DNA/RNA sequences in real time. This new technique will be used for studying CRISPR immunity (CRISPR/Cas9), RNA interference (Argonaute), and DNA elimination. The lab is looking for a candidate with background in physics, biochemistry, or biology.)

Single-molecule protein sequencing
No openings for 2019
(The Joo lab is developing cutting-edge proteomic techniques that will allow for the analysis of single proteins. The lab is looking for a candidate with background in protein chemistry/chemical engineering or physics/biophysics.)

(Updated in June 2019)
We are looking for a motivated candidate with background in molecular biology (preferably with experience in eukaryotic cell biology) or biophysics. The position is available for studying the DNA editing process in Tetrahymena (the ERC Consolidator project)A post-doc position is offered through various fellowships. Newly graduated post-docs are eligible for Veni (a Dutch grant) and EMBO long-term fellowship. Those, who are not associated with any Dutch institutes, are eligible for Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (a European grant for newcomers).

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