Job Opportunities

Single-molecule fluorescence
Opening for early 2021
The Joo lab is developing a novel single-molecule technique that will allow for observation of millions to billions of different DNA/RNA sequences in real time. This new technique will be used for studying CRISPR immunity (CRISPR/Cas9), RNA interference (Argonaute), and DNA elimination. The lab is looking for a candidate with background in physics or biophysics.

Single-molecule protein sequencing
Opening for late 2021
The Joo lab is developing cutting-edge proteomic techniques that will allow for the analysis of single proteins. The lab is looking for a candidate with background in proteomics.

(Updated in Oct 2020)
We are looking for a motivated candidate with background in molecular biology and cell biology. A post-doc position is offered through various fellowships. Newly graduated post-docs are eligible for Veni (a Dutch grant) and EMBO long-term fellowship. Those, who are not associated with any Dutch institutes, are eligible for Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship.