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§ equal contribution

L. Loeff, S. J. J. Brouns*, C. Joo* (submitted) (bioRxiv)

I. Severins, M. Szczepaniak, C. Joo* (submitted)

M. Fareh, I. Katechis, J. van Lopik, A. W. Bronkhorst, A. C. van Eijkeren-Haagsma, R. P. van Rij*, C. Joo* (under revision)

L. Restrepo-Pérez, C. Joo*, C. Dekker* (under revision)

J. van Ginkel, M. Filius, M. Szczepaniak , P. Tulinski , A. S. Meyer*, C. Joo* (under revision) (bioRxiv)

S. M. Klum
, S. D. Chandradoss
, N. T. Schirle, C. Joo*, I. J. MacRae* "Helix-7 in Argonaute2 shapes the microRNA seed region for rapid target recognition" EMBO Journal (open access)

L. Restrepo-Pérez
, S. John
, A. Aksimentiev*, C. Joo*, C. Dekker*, "SDS-assisted protein transport through solid-state nanopores" Nanoscale (2017) (published online)

SDS-coated Titin dimer translocation

D. C. Swarts
, M. Szczepaniak
, G. Sheng
, S. D. Chandradoss, Y. Zhu, E. M. Timmers, Y. Zhang, J. Lou, Y. Wang*,
C. Joo*, & J. van der Oost* "Autonomous generation and loading of DNA guides by bacterial Argonaute
Molecular Cell (2017) (interactive, PDF)
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M. Fareh, K. H. Yeom, A. C. Haagsma, S. Chauhan, I. Heo, & C. Joo* "TRBP ensures efficient Dicer processing of precursor microRNA in RNA-crowded environmentsNature Communications 7:13694 doi:10.1038/ncomms13694 (2016) (open access)

N. T. Schirle, J. Sheu-Gruttadauria, S. D. ChandradossC. Joo*, & I. J. MacRae* “Water-mediated recognition of t1-adenosine anchors Argonaute2 to microRNA targets.” eLife 4:e07646 (2015) (open access)

Y. Yao, M. Docter, J. van Ginkel, D. de Ridder*, & C. Joo* "Single-molecule protein sequencing through fingerprinting: computational assessment" Physical Biology, 12(5):055003 (2015) (open access)

S. D. Chandradoss, N. T. Schirle
M. Szczepaniak
, I. J. MacRae*, & C. Joo* “A dynamic search process underlies microRNA targeting” Cell, 162(1):96-107 (2015) (interactivePDF) (PMC free text)
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B. Kim§, M. Ha§L. Loeff§, H. Chang, D. K. Simanshu, S. Li, M. Fareh, D. J. Patel, C. Joo*, & V. N. Kim* "TUT7 controls the fate of precursor microRNAs by using three different uridylation mechanisms" EMBO Journal, 34(13):1801-15 (2015) (open access)

T. R. Blosser§L. Loeff§, E. R. Westra, M. Vlot, T. Kunne, M. Sobota, C. Dekker, S. J. J. Brouns*, & C. Joo* "Two distinct DNA binding modes guide dual roles of a CRISPR-Cas protein complex" Molecular Cell, 58(1):50-60 (2015) (interactivePDF) (PMC free text)

K. H. Yeom, I. Heo, J. Lee, S. Hohng, V. N. Kim*, & C. Joo*, "Single-molecule approach to immunoprecipitated protein complexes: insights into miRNA uridylation" EMBO Reports, 12, 690-696 (2011) (PDFsupplements) (PMC free text)


M. Klein
S. D. Chandradoss
, M. Depken*, C. Joo* "Why Argonaute is needed to make microRNA target search fast and reliable" Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology (2017) (open access

C. Joo*, M. Fareh, V. N. Kim "Bringing single-molecule spectroscopy to macromolecular protein complexes" Trends in Biochemical Sciences, 38(1):30-37 (2013) (interactivePDF) (PMC free text)


M. Fareh, L. Loeff, M. Szczepaniak, A. C. Haagsma, K. H. Yeom, C. Joo* "Single-molecule pull-down for investigating protein—nucleic acid interactions" Methods, 105:99-108 (2016) (PDF) (PMC free text)

S. D. Chandradoss, A. C. Haagsma, Y. K. Lee, J. H. Hwang, J. M. Nam, & C. Joo* "Surface passivation for single-molecule protein studies" Journal of Visualized Experiments, (86), e50549, doi:10.3791/50549 (2014) (open access)


C. Joo, C. Dekker, H. G. T. M. van Ginkel, A. S. Meyer, Single-molecule protein sequencing, WO2014014347

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