1st-year nanobiology
2016 to present
(AFM image of a polymer on a mica surface, JACS)

What students said:

Physics 1
1st-year nanobiology
2012 - 2016
(Electric eels or Electrophorus electricus legendary for generating hundreds of volts of electricity, Current Biology)

What students said:

Physics 2

Optics &
Quantum mechanics
2nd-year nanobiology
2013 to present
(Image: Nature)

What students said:

Teacher of the Year
Nanobiology, finalist, 2015
Nanobiology, finalist, 2014

Electronic Instrumentation
Second-year nanobiology
2014 - 2016
(Final project: a colorimeter circuit)

Nanobiology Minor

Single-molecule fluorescence
3rd-year nanobiology
2014 - 2016
(i-switch: pH sensor)

Applied Physics Minor
Single-molecule fluorescence
3rd-year applied physics
2014 - 2015

Research Practicum
Single-molecule fluorescence
2nd-year applied physics
2011 - 2017
(Single-molecule observation of Holliday junction dynamics)

Introduction to Physics Research
First-year applied physics
2011 - 2015