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Monthly Workshop (with proper social distancing), Oct 2020

In Memoriam Mathia Arens, June 2020

Misha's PhD Defense, Dec 2019

Thijs' PhD Defense, Dec 2019
Chirlmin Joo (promoter), Martin Depken (co-promoter), Bernd Rieger (opponent) 
Marvin Tanenbaum (opponent), David Rueda (opponent), Eui-Jeon Woo (opponent), Daan Swarts (opponent)

Farewell party for Laura, Nov 2019

Viktorija's PhD Defense, Sep 2019
Lucas van Vliet (chair), Chirlmin Joo (promoter), Martin Depken (co-promoter), Nynke Dekker (opponent) 
Stan Brouns (opponent), John van Noort (opponent), Joyce Lebbink (opponent), Carlos Penedo (opponent)

Laura's PhD Defense, May 2019

Laura's PhD Defense, May 2019
Beadle, Chair, Cees Dekker (promoter), Chirlmin Joo (promoter), Giovanni Maglia (co-supervisor), 
Marileen Dogterom (opponent), Javier Alfaro (opponent), Sang Wook Lee (opponent), Hamza Balci (opponent)
(In the order of entering the auditorium)

Brainstorming session, Art Centre, April 2019


Cartoon for Rochelle's bachelor graduation ceremony, March 2019
Created by Sungchul Kim

Farewell Party for LuukIsabell•Rochelle, Welcome Party for AdiValerie•David•Marjolein, November 2018

Kavli Director Inauguration Ceremony, Neeltje Jans, August 2018

Group Gathering with Nova, August 2018

BN Concert, July 2018
Chun, Margreet, and Isabell

Farewell Party for Mohamed at Chirlmin's House, April 2018
BBQ by Luuk, Mike, and Chun

Single-Molecule Protein Sequencing Conference, Delft, Dec 2017
Organised by Chirlmin and Cees / Funded by NWO, Kavli, NanoFront, BN
Run by Sequencing Team (Laura, Mike, Chun, Jetty, Ilja) / Administrated by Jolijn / Photograph by Ivo / Logo by Luuk

Master Defense (Nicola, top center), Dec 2017

Luuk's PhD Defense, Oct 2017
Lucas van Vliet (chair), Marileen Dogterom (opponent), Stan Brouns (co-supervisor)
Blake Wiedenheft (opponent), Eui-Jeon Woo (opponent), Johannes Hohlbein (opponent),
Cees Dekker (promoter), Mathia Arens (paranymph), Luuk Loeff (candidate), 
Laura Restrepo (paranymph), Chirlmin Joo (co-promoter), Beadle

Group retreat, Spain, Oct 2017

Congratulations to Lois

Nanobiology bachelor defense (LoisCarolien), Sep 2017

Jetty winning Marina van Damme Grant, June 2017

Barbeque, Mike's house, May 2017

Mike with BioDay Best Poster Presentation Award, Delft, March 2017

Bowling night (Farewell party for Hwan•Prof Woo & Welcome party for IljaLois•Justine•Erwin), Delft, February 2017
Bottom: Woo, Lois, Ilja, Stanley, Berkalp, Esmee, Margreet, Chirlmin, Iasonas, Viktorija, Mike, Thijs, Ivo, Sungchul, Hwan

Luuk receiving Best Oral Presentation Award, Kyoto, February 2017


Biophysical Society Meeting, New Orleans, February 2017
Thijs, Iasonas, Laura, Viktorija, Chirlmin, Luuk, Mike & 5 lbs of goat

Jetty's PhD Defense, December 2016
Giovanni Maglia (opponent), David Dulin (opponent), Manfred Wuhrer (opponent)
Cees Dekker (promoter), Chirlmin Joo (co-promoter), Andreas Engel (opponent), Anne Meyer, Mike Filius (paranymph)
Beadle, Laura Restrepo (paranymph), Jetty van Ginkel (candidate) & her family

Welcome party for Mike•Dieuwertje•Natalie•Berkalp•Esmee, November 2016
Back: Mohamed, Margreet, Viktorija, Sungchul, Iasonas, Mike, Berkalp, Luuk, Thijs, Chirlmin
Front: Stanley, Laura, Nathalie, Esmee, Dieuwertje, Anna, Hwan

Celebration of the move to the new building, Scheveningen, June 2016
Organized by LauraViktorijaThijs
Back: Chirlmin, Jasper, Luuk, Sungchul, Stanley; Louis-Marie not pictured
Front: Ilias, Viktorija, Ivo, Jetty, Mohamed, Thijs, Laura

Annual Group Outing, Zoetemeer, February 2016
Malwina, Viktorija, Jetty, Sungchul, Luuk, Laura, Ilias, Carolien, 
Jasper, Anna, Tim, Stanley, Mohamed, Thijs, Ivo, Chirlmin

Stanley's PhD Defense, January 2016
Top: a chairman, Hans Tanke (opponent), John van der Oost (opponent), 
David Rueda (opponent), Ronald van Rij (opponent)
Bottom: Michela de Martino (paranymph), Chirlmin Joo (co-promotor), Stanley Chandradoss (candidate), 
Marileen Dogterom (promotor), Malwina Szczepaniak (paranymph), Beadle

People anxiously waiting for food (Luuk, Ivo, Thijs, Mohamed, Jetty, Pawel, Viktorija, Malwina, Margreet)
Tenure Party for Chirlmin, Utrecht, December 2015
People relaxed after eating food 
Margreet, Ivo, Luuk, Thijs, Laura, Viktorija, Mohamed, Malwina, Pawel, Jetty, Chirlmin

Farewell Party for Maxime & Mees, Delft, March 2015
Mohamed, Anna, Jeroen, Thijs, Nick, Maxime, Ivo, Melissa, Jetty, Viktorija, Mees, 
Mike, Pawel, Laura, Luuk, Soufian, Malwina, Sweeny, Stanley, Chirlmin

NanoFront Retreat, Courchevel, France, March 2015
Chirlmin, Malwina, Laura, Mohamed, Viktorija, Luuk, Stanley

Annual Group Outing, Delft, January 2015
Back - Jeroen, Mike, Luuk, Soufian, Sweeny, Mohamed, Mees, Pawel, Anna, Ivo
Front - Chirlmin, Malwina, Maxime, Laura, Yao, Viktorija, Stanley, Inge, Jetty

Year-ending Party, Delft, December 2014
Stanley, Malwina, Pawel, Jetty, Chirlmin, Sweeny, Soufian, Inge, 
Jolijn, Luuk, Ivo, Mees, Margreet, Viktorija, Mohamed, Laura, Yao

Quo Vadis, Scheveningen, June 2014
Sung Hyun, Anna, Luuk, Chirlmin, Mohamed, Stanley, Laura, Malwina

Farewell Party for Tim & Sung Hyun, Delftse Hout, April 2014
Back - Ania, Malwina, Luuk, Pawel, Mohamed, Jolijn, Anna, Jetty, 
Abidemi, Yao, Stanley, Chirlmin; Center - Laura, Sung Hyun, Tim

Farewell Party for Sweeny, Delft, Nov 2013
Back - Mohamed, Pawel, Jetty, Anna, Sweeny, Tim, Malwina, Ania, Chirlmin
Front - Sung Hyun, Giacomo, Stanley, Yao

Back - Stanley, Jetty, Margreet, Anna, Giacomo, Luuk, Chirlmin
Front - Mohamed, Inge, Malwina

Group Retreat, Davos, Switzerland, June 2013 
Giacomo, Margreet, Malwina, Chirlmin, a guide, Jetty, Mohamed, Luuk, Inge

Lunar New Year's Day, February 2013 
Inge, Anna, Jetty, Inge's, Margreet, Luuk, Malwina, Anna's, Stanley

Year-Ending Joint Lab Party, December 2012 
Margreet, Stanley, Chirlmin, Elio, Maarten, Natalia, Mahipal, Vlad, 
Michela, Anne, Luuk, Jetty; photo taken by Mohamed; Ilja not pictured

First Group Retreat, Efteling, October 2012 
Chirlmin, Stanley, Anna, Jetty, Mohamed; Margreet not pictured

Farewell Party for Kay, March 2012 
Stanley, Jetty, Michela, Chirlmin, Kay, Anna; Mohamed not pictured

Kavli Day, The Hague, October 2011 
Chirlmin, Jetty, Kay, Anna, Stanley

Applied Sciences, August 2011 
Chirlmin, Stanley, Kay, Jetty, Anna

TU Delft, June 2011 
Kay, Chirlmin, Jetty